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Our Philosophy

Our know-how as artisan winemakers has been passed on from generation to generation. Respectful of our land, we seek to practice sound and clean winegrowing without fuss, but rather based on a philosophy of sincerity in order to protect our outstanding terroirs and pass them on to future generations. By respecting its origin, the winegrower preserves and reveals the soul of a wine. We strive to produce deep-rooted and living wines full of character and emotion.

The globalisation of tastes and the industrialisation of wine mask the origin and the influence of the vintage, which leads to standardised wines without soul bearing a brand name rather than the signature of their terroir. Such wines are as lifeless as mummies, over-structured, evermore concentrated and present a disquieting sweetness. We are advocates of real and living wines, deep-rooted in our hillsides, rich in history and in culture.

We love the nuances of each of our terroirs, the differences of each vintage and the subtleties of each blend. Unlike others who try to get rid of them, we seek to accentuate them, as we believe that the true richness of a wine lies in its complexity. Throughout the centuries, wine has given people the possibility to exchange. Each glass must be filled with sharing, emotion and conviviality, which are the values of authentic wines inherent in their soul.


Good success for DOMAINE DE COLONAT !

CHIROUBLES "Les Rochaux" 2016

GOLD MEDAL Gilbert et Gaillard

Note : 89/100

Magnificent dark purple. Distinctive, inviting nose showing a fusion of red and black fruits backed by subtle pepper. Velvety texture on the palate highlighting delicious, lingering fruit aromatics. A Chiroubles bursting with fruit. Delightful.

MORGON "Les Charmes" 2016

GOLD MEDAL Gilbert et Gaillard

Note : 90/100

Intense crimson with dark purple. On the nose, blackberry and raspberry aromas are perfectly brought to life with heady
floral touches. The palate is beautifully textured, concentrated and polished with ripe tannins and a crescendo of fruit. A top Morgon.


MOULIN A VENT "Tentation" 2016


Concours International du Gamay 2017

CHIROUBLES "Les Rochaux" 2016


Concours International du Gamay 2017


MORGON "Les Charmes" 2016


Concours des Grands Vins du Beaujolais 2017


BROUILLY " Clos Reisser" 2015

Selected in Guide Hachette 2017 with 2 Stars.


Our wines have been tasted by Neal MARTIN for the Magazine Wine Advocate. For our 6 wines tasted, we obtained a very good result. Here, are our results presented on the web site of Robert Parker:

-MORGON Colonat Grande Sélection 2011 :                92/100

-MOULIN A VENT Colonat Grande Sélection 2011 :    90/100

-MORGON Les Charmes "Prestige" 2012 :                  89/100

-MORGON Les Charmes "L'authentique" 2012 :        88/100

-MOULIN A VENT Tentation 2012 :                                 87/100

-FLEURIE 2013 :                                                                  85/100


Something to discover: our new prestigious cuvées


Discover two exceptional cuvées "Les Grandes Séléctions de Colonat":

MORGON "La Vigne Centenaire" 2011

MOULIN A VENT "Les Thorins" 2011

From our best vineyards, old vines grown with low yields, these wines are vinified with long maceration of three weeks, aged in oak barrels in our cellars for months.
Rich and elegant, these wines are a perfect balance to equal the Grands crus of Burgundy.

Real jewels of our area, these wines will delight all lovers of great wines.

Our two cuvées "Grande Selection de Colonat" MORGON "La Vigne Centennaire" 2009 et MOULIN A VENT "Les Thorins" 2009 has been selected by the International Association of somellerie, organizer of the contest for the best somelier of the world that takes place in Tokyo in March 2013. Our both wines will be presented at this international event in the entire somellerie International.

New medals :

- A Silver medal in International Gamay Contest 2013, for our MORGON Les Charmes 2009.

- A Silver medal in Great Beaujolais Wines Contest 2013, for our MORGON les Charmes 2009.

- A Silver medal in International Gamay Contest 2013, for our MOULIN A VENT Tentation 2011.

- A Silver medal in International Gamay Contest 2013, for our BOURGOGNE Gamay 2011.