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BEAUJOLAIS-VILLAGES « Perle de granit » Rosé
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Among the whole range of red wines in the world, the grape variety Gamay noir à jus blanc (Black Gamay with white juice) can develop truly unique finesse and expression of the fruit. In order to reveal its full aromatic potential, however, it requires an appropriate terroir. Only one region in the world offers ideal conditions for this variety to unfold all of its aromatic qualities: the Northern Beaujolais. The granite soils and the Gamay form a perfect alliance.

When a winegrower respects his terroir and privileges quality, the Gamay attains sublime heights. Our wines are proof of that.

Like many other grape varieties the new world countries (Australia, California, Chile, South Africa …) have tried to import the Gamay in order to exploit its fruitiness and its finesse. As opposed to other French varieties (Chardonnay, Syrah, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon…), however, which adapt to various types of soil, the Gamay is much less submissive. Despite many attempts none of these countries has managed to obtain wines with the same level of fruitiness, complexity and finesse as ours. They lack an essential ingredient: the terroir.

A grape variety can be imported, whereas a terroir remains unique. The Northern Beaujolais region is incomparable by its splendid landscapes, but also and foremost by the perfect alliance between its granite soils and the Gamay.
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